Children And Adults

Children's Classes

RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, SELF-CONTROL AND FOCUS are the four primary areas that we concentrate on.  Our curriculum includes hi-energy drills and skills designed to build and condition each child’s attitude, behaviour and overall character development.  Our practical martial arts training skills for children include; meditation, yoga stretching, fun-damental cross-training drills, karate techniques at all levels, kata, competition fighting, pad work and more.

Lessons are split into two classes; Children 5 to 12 years and the Teenagers class.  Both classes are taught at beginner, improver, intermediate and advanced levels. 

Karate helps instill a sense of purpose and direction in the lives of young people, Respect, Discipline, Self-control and Focus becomes a part of your child’s life forever”.

Children and young people need an outlet to let off steam and pent up frustrations. Intensive research has shown that young people who channel their energy in a sporting activity and in particular KARATE, are better prepared to cope with difficult situations in life and make rational decisions. They are also less likely to develop bad habits or get involved in violent conflict and unsociable behaviour.


Young people tend to listen to people they like, trust and respect.  We care, so will never give up on children.  Our facility provides role models and a powerful mentoring relationship that motivates and encourages young people to face lifes challenges with a positive mental attitude.  We also stress non-violent conflict resolution, how to avoid dangerous situations including not being encouraged through peer pressure into doing wrong.  Your child will be taught to take responsibility for their actions and attitudes.  You will see the difference within the first 6 month. 

Adult classes

Training includes; meditation, yoga stretching, cross-training drills, punch bag and pad workouts. Our practical martial arts training for adults include: karate techniques at all levels, kata, sparring, self-defence, close counter combat and more. Adult classes are taught at beginner, improver, intermediate and advanced levels. Apart from regular indoor training, adults and older children are given the opportunity to participate in one day and weekend training camps too. Our weekend camp is situated in a beautiful and peaceful setting. The aim of the weekend training is to give one the opportunity to train in an outdoor environment with minimum distraction, allowing the mind to focus clearly during training.

Self-defence for
Girls and women at the ELSK


It is distressing to hear that harassment, abuse and violent attacks thrust upon women and girls are becoming more and more frequent. This demonstrates a lack of education and respect by the perpetrator/s.  As a means to self-protection, high emphasis should be placed on activities that offer guidance on street awareness, practical self-defence skills and how to avoid potential dangers for girls and women.  The importance of this should be emphasised in early school years, with male children being educated on how to respect and protect girls.  Parents with young girls should along with other activities, source a practical self-protection type activity such as; karate or other.  This could one day prove to be a very valuable asset, in a dangerous situation as a means to survival. 

The ELSK places a huge emphasis on practical self-defence skills for girls and women during training.  In addition, sparring is encouraged between the genders which helps in understanding and dealing with the difference in strength levels.  This provides a real challenge and will help if faced with a real life situation.  In addition, this type of training sharpens the reflexes, increases awareness and helps to develop more confidence.  You will surprisingly also discover your hidden capabilities.

The ELSK run women’s self-defence courses at least once a year within the borough free of charge.  Please call us for further information.

A WEEKLY WOMENS’S SELF-DEFENCE CLASS IS PLANNED FOR 2024.  This will be an on-going class.  The format will include, light fitness, stretching, pad-work, street awareness and partner self-defence techniques.  If you are interested, then please contact us to be included on our list.