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East London School Of Karate

The ELSK is based in the heart of East London and is dedicated to teaching karate to children and adults. We run several classes during the week for all ages and abilities. Whether you're new to martial arts or a seasoned professional, our experienced instructors have been practicing and teaching karate for over 40 years. So rest assured, you will be in great hands! 

We are a family orientated karate school that welcomes everyone. The atmosphere, the warm welcome and ambience is noticeable from the very moment you walk into our school. The friendly teachers will answer all your questions and do their utmost best to make yours or your childs first experience as memorable as possible. Parents of children are encouraged to sit and watch the class in progress. However, you may leave your child and pick up at the end of the lesson.




Fitness That's Fun

Martial artists are known for being physically fit, strong, toned, flexible and balanced.  Fitness is a key part of martial arts and the techniques often challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system.  Because there's so much variety in our classes, your training will be fun, you'll see progress immediately and for the long haul, and you'll be excited about coming to every class.  What a great win-win!


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Nexus Centre (Honbu dojo)
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