Karate Sessions


Little Tigers Club

Tuesday 4.30pm - 5pm

3-5 year olds


Beginner Children and Low Grades

Tuesday and Thursday 5pm - 6pm

6 years and up


Children and Adult

Tuesday and Thursday 6pm - 7pm

Brown belt and over

Membership Prices

For membership, start-up and lesson fees, please contact us.


Personal Training

One-to-one training is available upon request.


All classes are mixed gender.




What do our students say?

Riddhi, 15

Karate has helped me with self-confidence and self awareness. It's also helped me battle through mental and physical barriers


Jai, 13

Training at ELSK has improved my concentration and physically, I feel I am stronger and more flexible.

Jimmy, 16

Having trained since I was 6, karate has helped in so many ways. It has given me confidence and focus throughout my life and within my school.

Shannon, 15

I enjoy karate because it has improved my focus, confidence and fitness. It definitely has helped me with self defence, because you learn techniques to help you if you're in an unsafe situation or getting attacked.


Nadia, parent

Zak has been coming to ELSK for just under a year now. He is so much more confident with a positive attitude. Sensei Kim and Sensei Pam are always very supportive and always ready to help with any issues.


Name, parent

Eddie has been coming to the School for about 3 years now. Karate helped him boost his confidence. The instructors are great and are very supportive as well. As a parent, I'm also asked to take part in social evenings organised by the club, which gives me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.